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If you're anything like me, you've been let down and confused by finances. I'm here to change that. I've built a team of experts with heart, who are as committed to your success as you are. We're number nerds, kindred spirits and self care enthusiasts. We would be honored to meet you, serve you, and support you along your journey to building the fullest expression of the business you've dreamed of from day one. Welcome, we're so happy you're here.

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I'm the CEO & Founder of People First Finance. I have 18 years of Finance and Operations experience working alongside visionary leaders of successful San Francisco Bay Area startups, such as Blue Bottle Coffee and Good Eggs, and earned my first entrepreneurial stripes as owner and operator of a boutique, made to order juice bar. I’ve been a business and finance consultant for almost a decade, and excel at implementing sustainable solutions that result in profitable businesses.

luisa alberto 〡 ceo and founder

luisa alberto
ceo and founder

Meet the


Meet the                                              team

People First Finance

I'm a virtual bookkeeper with over 5 years experience in the accounting industry and passionate about helping small business owners have peace of mind by taking the burden of bookkeeping off their shoulders so they can focus on growing their business. I help clients find clear and accurate ways to track profitability and support them in keeping their financials current so they can make decisions based on accurate cash flow projections. I am excited to be a part of People First Finance so I can help other businesses grow their profit!

Amy LovelanD Bookkeeper

Amy Loveland 〡 Bookkeeper

I’m here to support you with planning and understanding the financial future of your business. Based in Vancouver, CA, I have years of experience working as a CPA with companies like Deloitte, lululemon, and Bench Accounting. I believe deeply in the mission of PFF because it reflects a commitment to supporting inspired entrepreneurial women in a way that is fun and purpose driven.
We partner with our clients to help them reach their unique personal and professional goals. We succeed not only because we are skilled at what we do, but because we truly care. Throughout my career I've searched for heart within the world of finance, at People First Finance, I’ve found it.

Jen Sissons Financial Strategist

Jen Sissons 〡 Financial Strategist

I am a virtual Account Manager based in Northern California with over 20 years of experience in client relationship management and sales. I have a passion for people, process and supporting others. As the People First Finance Account Manager, I ensure that the client journey is seamless from start to finish so the client never has to wonder “what’s next”. As an entrepreneur myself I understand the importance of timely communication and building and nurturing lasting professional relationships. I am thrilled to be a part of People First Finance and to be supporting women achieve their professional and financial goals!

Nicholle Johnson 〡 Account Manager

Nicholle Johnson
Account Manager

I am the Lead Accountant for People First Finance. I bring over 30 years of experience as a small business owner and as an Accountant supporting small businesses. I find immense purpose in helping other female entrepreneurs grow and nurture their passion projects while finding their place at the table. In my role, I’ll help you capture the picture of where you are so you can craft a grander vision of where you want to go. My passion for this work is grounded in a desire to provide strong financial foundations for a vibrant community of women business owners, and I’m honored to work with a team that shares this purpose.

Kiersten quick
Lead Accountant

Kiersten quick 〡 Lead Accountant

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Luisa was my cheerleader and the support I needed most. I may have been able to make it here without you, but it would have been a whole lot more messy, painful, and lonely, and certainly taken a hell of a lot longer ;) Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  Ariana Wolf

"The confidence I've gained in financial management working with Luisa will serve me for life, and the rewards outweigh the cost 10 to 1."

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We are your high touch, all-in-one, done-for-you financial team.

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We provide women entrepreneurs with the support they need to secure their financial future while doing the work they love.

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