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If you're anything like me, you've been let down and confused by finances. I'm here to change that. I've built a team of experts with heart, who are as committed to your success as you are. We're number nerds, kindred spirits and self care enthusiasts. We would be honored to meet you, serve you, and support you along your journey to building the fullest expression of the business you've dreamed of from day one. Welcome, we're so happy you're here.

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Finding experts you trust, confide in and enjoy working with is every successful business owner’s secret sauce.

you were never meant to.

You don’t have to run your business alone,
you were never meant to

You don’t have to run your business alone,


We believe that success is the practice of taking informed, intentional action


We believe that women deserve to create lives and businesses that they love, and that nourish them


We believe that financial independence is achieved through financial literacy 



You've built a remarkable business, now you just need a finance team to match

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You’re generating 250K + of annual revenue in your agency or service based business

You excel at what you do, and lining up new business, but you need more control over where your money is going

You know you don’t have the bandwidth, desire, experience or know-how to be sure that your money is doing exactly what it needs to do to sustain you and your business

You're tired of translating between your bookkeeper and your accountant, and you want to work with a team of financial experts who care about your business as much as you do

Our Virtual CFO services are the perfect fit for you if

Bookkeeping, Tax Planning & Financial Strategy

Bookkeeping 〡 Tax Planning 〡 Financial Strategy

Our services, exceptionally executed for you

exceptionally executed for you

Our services,

"The warmth and gentle nature that Luisa meets her clients with as she describes how to understand business finance was a breath of fresh air."

I felt like I could be honest and clear about the areas I wanted to work on, and she was able to meet me with clear and easy-to-understand explanations that had taken me years to try to understand. Luisa was also a thought partner in my financial goals layering over her understanding of my finances to help me see clearly if I should or shouldn't make a large decision. This has been invaluable for me! Justine Kahn, Botnia

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Bookkeeping and Accounting: At the core of every successful business is an accurate account of all money that comes in and out of your business

Tax Planning & Filing: We project your tax liability for the year, and oversee compliance

Financial Reporting: We record a monthly financial assessment of your business performance

Strategic Planning: We create a financial plan together, and analyze business performance & growth strategies against key performance metrics





Our Virtual CFO services include the following, all under one roof

Expert analysis is what enables sustainable, profitable growth. We create a 12 month financial plan, set up an annual budget based on your goals, and regularly track what you actually spend against your best laid plans.


Systems are essential to the success of every CEO. We leverage Quickbooks Online and a Client Portal to ensure efficient accounting, information sharing and advising on a daily basis.


Getting organized is step number one. We triple check that all business transactions have been properly recorded for the year, and that your filings are up to date.


Every successful business owner must master the art of finance, but none do it alone. Here are the three ways that we create ease:

Let us create ease in your financial world

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